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INFINITE OFFROAD (RGB+W) Whips (Compatible With Rock Lights)

INFINITE OFFROAD (RGB+W) Whips (Compatible With Rock Lights)

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Add extensions, pods, strips, dome, whips, RZR/X3 accent light & other RGB+W compatible.

We now offer 2 options: 

Standard 1" Tube:  2ft / 3ft / 4ft / 5ft

Thick 1.5" Tube:  2ft / 3ft

Our plug & play RGB+W whips can be added to your RGB+W rock light system or choose a dedicated controller with bluetooth & RF remote which allows dual control via app or hand held remote.  Also allows red/brake and white/courtesy override turned on by a positive triggered wire.  Screw style waterproof connections stay clean and connected.


Our 2nd Gen whips are extremely bright and the toughtest on the market.  We wrap our high density ultra-bright LED strand around an inner tube with no space allowing maximum LEDs per inch then encase.  Then sealed in a high strength polycarbonate tube which gives twice the strength and protection.  Check out the video showing them vs a 3lb sledge.  This eliminates issues like moisture inside and broken LEDs from hitting trees, all very common with competitors shrink wrapped whips which are not fully sealed.

If an accident does happen we have the best warranty on the market? 25 yr you can break it, we replace it, un-voidable warranty at no cost to you.  

Our whips are manufactured with high quality spring bases & quick disconnects which allow them to absorb the stress.  Our bases include an industry first Viton pressure seal which keep the connection clean, limits movement and wear over time.

We offer two ways to control these lights:

No Controller: Add to RGB+W 5 Pin Rock Light System: Plug whips directly into our RGB+W rock light kit and run them together.  Includes needed wiring to add to your system but does not include controller.

Include Dedicated Controller: This option allows you to run whips independently, if your not running our rock light system or do not want them directly linked to your rock lights.  Includes controller with your order.

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