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If you would like more pods, shoot a message to us and we can send you a custom order invoice.

Includes controller, plug & play wiring, splitters, extensions

What Sets Infinite Offroad Apart?  We set industry standards by being the brightest, offering the best warranty, and providing unparalleled customization options.

  • Unparalleled Brightness:  Our 12 watt lights outshine competitors' 36w, our 24 watt outshine competitors' 44w options, substantiated by routine tests against other brands claiming to be the brightest.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty:  25yr you break we replace it UN-VOIDABLE warranty.  No exceptions and zero cost to the customer, we outdo competitors who often embed hidden shipping costs or exclusions in their lifetime warranties.
  • Revolutionizing Illumination:  Infinite Offroad set the benchmark by launching the worlds first RGB+W rock light with a pure white emitter over six years ago, eliminating the typical rainbow effect observed in other RGB pods.  We have continued to raise that mark ever since.
  • No-Mess, Plug N Play Wiring:  Our kits, complete with short lead pods for front and extra extensions, minimize wire bundles and allow for full customization of wire lengths with 4 sizes of extensions.
  • Quality Over Quantity of LEDs:  Our high output, superior grade LEDs provide more luminosity than lower-power LEDs (like ones found in strips), ensuring both brightness and efficiency.
  • The Most Customizable Kits Available:  With over 35 types of plug and play LEDs, our RGB+W system provides unmatched options and accessories, enabling customers to add on and custom build their ideal kit at any time.
  • Superior Color Blending:  Each LED features an optical magnification and blending dome, preventing the rainbow effects and separated colors often seen in competitors? lower power separated LEDs.
  • Power that Makes a Difference:  Our high output, 15amp/30amp controllers surpass competitors, ensuring bright and vibrant coloring throughout the system without the need for boosters, even in large kits.
  • Plug N Play Options & Accessories Available:  6 Rock lights, 6 Strips, 6 Whips, 6 Wheel rings, 5 Jeep headlights, 4 CanAm/Polaris accent lights, Portal light, Dome light, Mirrors, 5 extensions, 2 Splitters, 5 to 4 pin adapters, Angle brackets, UTV specific brackets, Tube adapters.

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